A man is feeling as if he's "disrespecting" the memory of his late wife since he is no longer grieving her death.

"My wife died last month of a heart stroke. She was cleaning the dishes and suddenly collapsed. She was 28. The pain was unbearable, I don’t know how I survived it. We have a 5 year old boy. I cried at the funeral. That was the first time I cried about it but I cried a lot that day," he wrote on Reddit.

The man explained that was the only time he cried, and he hasn't cried since the funeral, "and I don’t even feel sad about her death anymore, and that makes me feel extremely guilty."

"My parents and my two brothers stayed at my house for a few days. My sister’s still staying with me, as she works remotely. We’ve been so busy with the kid, work, and household activities that I haven’t even thought about my wife’s death since," he recalled.

He tries to feel sad when he thinks about her death, "but nothing comes out, except indifference."

"I am actually enjoying where I’m at now, and the life I have. I feel terrible admitting this, but it feels like my sister has taken the role of my wife, and this has possibly created an extreme unhealthy attachment to her," the confused man noted.

He is "worried" that he's going "to apart" if his sister leaves, but she has told him that she plans on hanging around for the time being.

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Users tried to comfort the man in the comments, with many stating that everyone grieves in their own way.

"So sorry for your loss. Everybody grieves differently. It will hit you. Maybe when you least expect it. Hang in there," one person wrote.

"You are normal. But it will help find a counselor who specializes in grieving. They can offer some insight into what you’re feeling," another user commented.

"Maybe you're just in survival mode or autopilot mode. Bereavement is incredibly strange. Sincerely, stop depending on your sister and give yourself some time and grace. You must ascertain what your new normal is," a third person chimed in.

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