A man on Reddit refused to re-park his car after one of his neighbor's guest took his spot.

"Here's what went down. I (27M) live in an apartment complex with designated parking for each unit. Parking is a bit of a premium here, so everyone pretty much sticks to their assigned spot. Last night, I came home from work to find my spot taken by a car I didn't recognize. Turns out, my neighbor (we'll call him Dave, 30sM) was having a get-together and one of his guests parked in my spot by mistake," the man began.

"I found a temporary spot to park in, not really official but it works, and went to Dave's door to ask him to have his guest move their car. Dave was super apologetic, said he'd get it sorted right away. However, about an hour later, the car was still there. I knocked again, and this time Dave said his guest couldn't move the car because they'd had a few drinks and weren't in a state to drive. He asked if I could just park somewhere else for the night," he continued.

The revealed that the other parking spot that was available was less secure and a distance away from his apartment.

"The thing is, the only other 'somewhere else' was on the street, which is not only less secure but also a good walk away from my apartment. I explained this to Dave, said it wasn't really fair that I should have to park on the street because his guest took my spot. Dave got a bit defensive, saying it was just for one night and tried to make it seem like I was being unreasonable for not wanting to walk a bit further for just one night," the man said.

"I stood my ground and said I wasn't comfortable leaving my car on the street. Dave ended up having to ask another neighbor if the guest could park in their spot instead, which, luckily, they agreed to, but not before making a passive-aggressive comment about me making a big deal over nothing," he furthered.

The man goes on to say that he was referred to as the "stingy neighbor" afterwards.

"The rest of the evening, I could hear murmurs from Dave's place about the 'stingy neighbor' who couldn't make a simple concession for one night. I'm starting to wonder if I was being too rigid about the whole thing," he concluded before asking if he was wrong in this situation.

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People in the comments section shared their thoughts about the confrontation between the man and the neighbor.

"Absolutely not! Do they pay for that parking space? No, you do. You pay your own money to have that space," one person said.

"Just get them towed next time," another person advised.

"Give them an hour to move it, then phone a tow company," read a separate comment.

"I suggest you have a visitor park in his designated space next time and tell him to park on the street," a Reddit user said.

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