A man was mortified after borrowing his wife of eight months' phone and discovered she was sexting with another man.

"We dated for 2.5 years prior to getting married. Recently we were on a vacation internationally and occasionally she would let me use her phone to check on things because I do not have an international plan on my phone," he wrote on Reddit.

While she was taking a shower, he borrowed her phone.

"When I had her phone in my hand another man sent her an explicit message. I was surprised by the message coming through and she was in the shower so I clicked on it and saw messages going on for quite a few back and forth messages. As I briefly read the conversation I saw messages that she was enthusiastically responding to the man's explicit offers describing things he wanted to do to her and she responded to explicit things she wanted to do to him," the man stated.

Immediately when she got out of the shower, he confronted her about the messages.

"She said it was an old boyfriend that messages her everyone once in a while and they have known each other for 12 years. She said he lives in a different part of the world and they have never done anything in person but they just have these explicit conversations every once in a while," the man recalled.

His wife explained that she "likes the attention he gives her and likes it when men talk to her like this."

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"Some of the language would not be words that would come to my mind. Another reason I was shocked about these interactions was because some of the messages were right before times we were intimate which felt really violating to me," he said.

His wife told him that she feels as if he's not giving her the attention that she needs.

"Which was surprising to me because earlier that week she asked me to give her more attention and when I did, like touching her back or kissing her while we were out and about on our vacation she asked me to stop," the confused man concluded his post.

Users sounded off in the comments, with many urging the man to leave his marriage.

"Are you married to the wrong person? Yes," one person said.

"Annulment and fast. She's having an emotional affair. The only reason it's not physical is because he doesn't live near you. She will find someone closer and begin a physical affair. You're on a slippery slope and not a good one. Get out while you can before you have children," another user chimed in.

"That’s not even a red flag anymore. Red flags are what warns about bad behavior in the future. This already is the bad behavior," a third person commented.

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