A man on Reddit is suspicious his girlfriend of three years may be hiding something from him after he found her secret stash of sexy lingerie.

"In the first little bit when we moved in sex and romance (i.e. date nights) were much more frequent than they are now, tapering off gradually after the first six months in. I figured at first that this was normal and that it was just part of normal ebb and flow after the 'honeymoon phase' of moving in, but it's been almost a year and it feels like nothing has changed," he wrote.

The man noted that he tries to "keep the romance alive" by setting up date nights for him and his girlfriend.

"However, at least 70 percent of the time the date nights are met with her putting in much less effort than me, or her simply not wanting to go on a date night because she makes some excuse about being too tired or busy," he continued.

The man noted that their sex life is "vanilla at best" and mostly "consists of a quickie once a week at best before we go to bed."

On some occasions he has asked her to wear lingerie, but she "balked at the idea." This past weekend, however, when searching for a pen in his girlfriend's home office drawers, he came across her secret stash of lingerie.

"I noticed something lacy and pink poking out of one of the drawers (it has a cutout handle which you can see inside), which was odd since I've never seen her wear anything lacy or pink. My curiosity got the better of me and I opened up the drawer, and lo and behold it was full of lingerie and even role play costumes, including a schoolgirl costume which she mentioned once in passing that she finds gross," he shared.

"I'm at a loss for words here. I'm confused and suspicious, all sorts of questions are running amok through my head: Why would she waste so much money on something she disdains the idea of wearing, considering she's such a frugal person? Why does she feel the need to hide this from me? Does she plan to wear this for someone else? Is she doing OnlyFans or something and keeping me in the dark?" the worried man concluded, asking Reddit for advice and answers.

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Users sounded off with theories in the comments section.

"Hey, if the lingerie still has tags on it, you can determine how old it is. Often it has the year and season built into the product code. It will often say win 23 for winter 2023 or so on. I just say that because women keep lingerie forever because it's expensive. I still had some with tags on it that I'd purchased 10 years before or received as a gift years before. I would investigate, but it could literally be old stuff that still has tags," one person wrote.

"My first thought was definitely OnlyFans," another chimed in.

"That’s definitely fishy, I’m sorry. It is probably tempting to come in hot and accuse her of something, but leaving it as open as possible will probably get you closer to the truth. It could be as mundane as her trying stuff on for you and feeling too insecure in it, which is why you haven’t seen it. Or it could be OnlyFans, some kind of selling pre-worn lingerie thing, or cheating. But you don’t want to assume and lead her into an answer or getting defensive," someone else commented.

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