"Do you even know what a jelly bean is?"

That's what Jack wants to know as he swings away on his porch swing, eyes cooly hidden behind a sharp pair of black sunglasses.

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The TikTok account jackofthesouth continues to grow in popularity thanks to the young boy's memorable, thick southern accent.

Jack's jelly bean interrogation of his younger sister has already been watched more than 30 million times since it was shared last July on TikTok.

Jack's mom is in charge of sharing his adventures on social media, The account's logo describes the boy as being a "young southern farmer with a deep country accent."

A comment on one of Jack's recent videos perfectly describes him as being "too fed up, but he's still polite about it."

Jack's opinions are often directed toward his mom and his mostly patient sister, Emmy.

"God just water those tomay-ters," Jack tells Emmy who is trying to water the family's tomato plants following a recent rain storm.

Jack starts to sense Emmy's frustration and attempts to explain in his usual straight-forward manner.

"I'm not God, I didn't water no tomay-ters" he assures her.

Jack's family is making the most of his growing popularity on social media having started a clothing line with hopes of opening an official website later this year.

Additionally, Jack's family is planning for his future. They have included links on his social media accounts to collect money for his "college fund."

"We've had many people requesting to gift Jack and give to support his college fund when he is older," Jack's mom explains on the boy's GoFundMe. "We are forever grateful for this outpouring of love."

The fund currently has a goal of $25,000. If for some reason it falls short, Jack will hopefully be able to use the money for this favorite candy.

"This boy, along with his siblings, bring me so much love and joy and I am so glad they can help spread the love and joy to all of you," Jack's mom shared.

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