Two zookeepers are lucky to be alive after somehow being left in the gorilla enclosure with at least one of the gorillas, inside.

TikTok user @Ben306069 uploaded the footage on Friday (Mar. 8) to his social media accounts of the encounter at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas, which seemingly took place on Thursday (Mar. 7). In the video, two female zookeepers were seen with buckets and food for the animals going about their jobs before realizing that at least one of the gorillas had been let into the outside portion of the enclosure that they were inside, still preparing for the primates.

"Shocking moment two keepers where left in an enclosure with Elmo a male Silverback at The Fort Worth Zoo," the caption read. The video received over 11 million views in just nine hours.

Guests nearby Ben screamed in shock and horror. “She doesn’t know [he’s in there],” a person said, referencing one zookeeper with a box of oranges that wasn't paying attention. The gorilla immediately charged toward the first keeper, flipping the oranges. The first keeper managed to make it to the door and stared down Elmo, at first, not wanting to close the door on the other keeper in the enclosure. However, she closes the door the majority of the way, in case he would run at her. She is then seen pulling out her radio speaking on it.

Guests were overheard telling their kids that they all need to go inside, trying to shield them from the potential disaster. Others began praying asking God to “help her.” Meanwhile, Elmo spotted the other keeper and ran towards her. She managed to remain still, waiting for a moment when he moved his attention away from her while she slowly set down the bucket in her hand. She then answered her walkie talkie and remained still.

Elmo ran toward the side of her and she was able to make it to the same door that the first keeper used to exit. Elmo walked over to the spot where the second keeper stood and grabbed her bucket.

Watch the petrifying encounter, below.

The Fort Worth Zoo recently made headlines on Jan. 5 after the gorilla named Sekani underwent a cesarean section after she showed symptoms of preeclampsia. She gave birth to her baby, Jameela, although she has not showed interest in caring for her offspring. The baby is receiving care from zookeepers and a surrogate gorilla mother.

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