A woman on TikTok called out her wedding photographer for editing out her, er, unique wedding gift to her husband.

"What they thought was a defect on my body was actually done on purpose as a gift to my husband. But they thought that it was an ugly defect and thought that there was no way I would want these in my photos so she got rid of all of them," she explained.

So what exactly was the "gift" that was misinterpreted as an "ugly defect?"

The woman went on to explain that she's worn a stack of jelly bracelets on her wrist since she was 13 years old.

"I know they're kind of stupid ... [But] they are a part of me. I met my husband in a set of these. They don't come off," she revealed.

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She explained that her husband frequently jokes about never having seen that part of her arm due to the obstruction of the jelly bracelets.

"He's seen me change my clothing, he's seen me unchange my clothing, he's seen me change my hair, he's seen me cut my hair, but he had never seen me without my jelly bracelets," she said.

She said he "begged her all the time" to remove them, but she always refused. Until their wedding day, that is.

"As a gift to my husband on our wedding day, I cut them off," she shared.

"Since I was a June bride, it left an extremely, extremely harsh tan line," the woman explained.

She added that the wedding photographer knew that the bracelet removal and tan line were considered a wedding gift for her husband because photos were taken of the removal process.

"It was a whole big thing, me cutting these things off for him," she said. "He was gonna be so surprised. And he was."

The woman even gifted a Ziploc bag of the cut jelly bracelets to her husband, who thought it was "amazing."

"I know that to everybody else, it might've looked ugly. But to us, me and my husband, it was an extremely precious and rare moment and it got deleted because someone else thought it was ugly," she claimed.

She also said that she "wanted them [the tan lines] in every photo."

However, she only ended up with one photo of herself and her husband that shows her sporting the bracelet tan line.

Many commenters on the video took the photographer's side.

"If you didn't say the words 'keep these harsh tan lines in every photo because they're significant' then I'm gonna side with the photographer," one person said.

"It took me so long to realize that the 'gift' was a tan line," another person said.

"Girl be SO for real right now. She did her job lol," someone else added.

Watch the viral TikTok video, below:

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