A woman on Reddit has been confronted by her boyfriend for excessively lying.

In her post, the woman reveals that she will lie about something small and that it is used to shorten a story or to make it more interesting.

"Last week my boyfriend was over at my house and I mentioned to him that sometimes I will lie about something very small. It’s honestly more of over exaggerating to make a story sound more interesting or to shorten a story. For example, I might say I had 30 people in line at my job but it was probably more like 15-20 people. It’s not something I do super often but it’s something that I do I guess," she said.

However, the lying has caught up with the boyfriend and he confronted the woman over it.

"Yesterday, my boyfriend came over and sat me down to tell me that he doesn’t see me as a trustworthy person anymore, saying that my lying is not normal and other people do not do this. He insisted that he has never lied about anything even when I brought up a circumstance where I lied to protect someone from losing their job saying that people do not do things like that," the woman revealed.

She apologized and said that she will go to therapy, however, the boyfriend went on to call her "delusional."

"The conversation ended with me apologizing and saying I will go to therapy to help with my habit and there was even a point where he referred to me as delusional and that I was diminishing his feelings by telling him I believe it’s something everyone does. I talked to several friends who all say they do stuff like that ON THE DAILY. Then I looked up if it’s something that normal people do and it says that Americans lie on average 11 times per week. I just feel like I’m crazy and delusional now and that I’m not a normal person that needs professional help but I wanted to see what Reddit had to say about this," the woman concluded.

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People in the comments section of the post shared their thoughts on the situation.

"Lying about small things is understandable but your own BF saying you are not trustworthy. Sus," said one person.

"I think you should take the lesson that for those who don't habitually lie for effect or drama do not at all appreciate it and perhaps practice truthfulness," read another comment.

"Your problem was to admit it to someone who didn't understand the context and automatically assumed you are admitting being a pathological liar. Maybe you two should have a talk about that and if he is not listening to you, maybe he is not the One," someone else suggested.

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