A woman whose husband is currently enlisted overseas kicked her in-laws out and called the police on them after her mother-in-law went into her bedroom and woke her up with a crying baby.

"We have had issues with his father and stepmother since the beginning of our relationship but we have done our best to keep things civil for my husband's sake. Currently he is overseas in the military and left when our daughter was three days old," she began on Reddit.

"This past weekend my husband had begged me to let his parents come meet our [8-month-old] daughter and I was told they would stay at a hotel. The plans were to meet at my aunt's home during the day so they could meet our daughter. Well, Thursday night there was knocking at the door at 10PM. It was his dad with his stepmom. They came early and no hotels were affordable. They ended up in the guest room," she continued.

The woman's husband apologized and asked her to "make it work" even though he had no idea why they came to the house.

"Early Friday morning I woke up to my baby screaming in her crib in my room. His stepmom had picked her up from her crib and apologized saying that the baby was awake so she thought it would be fine to pick her up. I ended up grabbing my daughter and told her to get out of my room. She said nothing but left and I admit, I was harsh in tone," the woman continued.

The woman became "increasingly annoyed" throughout the day as her in-laws "complained about dust" and told her it was "unfair that my family is around the baby more than them," even though they live over 12 hours away.

"After I got my daughter down for bed, we were eating dinner when his stepmom asked me if I was going to apologize for snapping at her this morning in my room. I told her no, she shouldn't have been in my room to begin with, and then she said, 'Well, my therapist told me to tell you how I feel and I feel that you are an ungrateful b---h. We came here to see our granddaughter and help you out but we get snapped at in the morning, my son's house is a mess, and you wont even let her cry for more than a few minutes before you scoop her away from us!'" she recalled.

The woman immediately told her in-laws to "pack their s--t and leave."

"All hell broke loose and we got into a huge argument. I ended up calling the police to remove them from the home. And now all of his family are telling me that I'm an a--hole. They called my husband while he was sleeping and he felt that I may have taken it too far by kicking them out," she concluded.

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Users in the comments section rallied behind the woman and slammed her in-laws.

"I would have thrown her out the moment she entered the bedroom while you were sleeping. And then this person wanted an apology from you? And called you names. You were right for kicking them out. And you should put your foot down with your husband that his dad and stepmother will not see the baby unless they apologize for sneaking in your room, calling you names and insulting you, because you don't have the time to clean the house with a newborn," one person wrote.

"They were not supposed to stay in the house in the first place. I would have kicked them out when I woke up to stepmom in my room!" another commented.

"What the hell was she doing in your room anyway? I would have gone nuclear the second I woke up to find a 'stranger' in my bedroom. And your husband 'feels' like you have taken it too far? Sorry, where was he to decide that it's okay for his parents to insult you, ignore your personal space and so on? Seriously, this would be reason enough for me to turn husband into ex-husband," someone else weighed in.

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