A woman is insisting that no one is allowed to bring alcohol into her new home that she's about to move into.

"I’m not a huge drinker and only drink the occasional fruity cocktail when I go out for dinner with my bff or will have a shot of soju if I’m feeling adventurous. I don’t drink at home and would rather stick to coffee and boba tea," she wrote on Reddit.

The woman explained that her dad is a "functioning alcoholic," however, he refuses to admit it.

"I’ve decided to make my new place alcohol free. I know nobody besides my family who drinks and doesn't think people need alcohol to have a good time," she continued.

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The alcohol-free rule has not been well received by her family, and both her dad and uncle think she's "being silly and should allow people to bring drinks along if they visit," but she doesn't want anyone to be drinking at her house.

"The rest of the family are shocked that this excludes wine as they wanted to bring some to the housewarming party that I want to throw. All my friends don’t drink so they don’t care," she added.

The woman tried to offer them non-alcoholic drinks, but they stated they are "not traditional."

"One thing is that my family will leave drinks with the host as a way to say thank you, and as I hate wine and beer It would just go off. I personally feel that they can drink everywhere else and one place that will probably visit once in a blue moon doesn’t need to have alcohol," the frustrated woman recalled.

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Her dad told her that he "would bring alcohol anyway because you need a drink in summer when you are celebrating."

Users rallied behind the woman in the comment section, with many slamming her family for not abiding by her rule.

"Your house, your rules. They are free to not visit you if alcohol is more important to them than your company," one person wrote.

"My best friend of 20 years chose the booze over me. So be prepared for that in case it happens. I hope your family can respect your boundaries," another user chimed in.

"First and foremost, it's your home, your rules. Just as you had to respect their rules when under their roof, your family has to respect yours. Don't back down!," a third person commented.

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