People in Louisiana are known for doing many courageous and generous things. This time the story features a dog who needed plenty of help and the furry guy got that help from the good people of Acadia Parish.

Animal lovers, this story is going to tug on your heartstrings. Many people came together to rescue the dog who needed love, kindness, medical care, and a future. He has all of those things now that so many people came together to wrap their arms around this sweet creature.

The Great Pyrenees dog was dumped out of a vehicle, and thankfully, several people reported what happened. This dog had also been shot in the knee according to KLFY.

We all the plight of animals throughout Acadiana and Louisiana. Unfortunately, most shelters are overburdened with too many dogs and cats that have been found or surrendered to the shelter.

This story shows how so many people were willing to help this animal. It also shows that this story is repeated each day as thousands in Louisiana do everything that they can to help animals. They donate money, they foster cats and dogs, they give food and they bring items to shelters to help the pets there.

When this emergency happened, Madilyn Thibodaux and Samantha Granger rushed out to help the dog. He was being quieted and helped by an Acadia Parish deputy. The deputy helps the two get the dog into a vehicle for transport to the shelter.

Money is always tight at any shelter or facility so Mardi Paws helped. This is a group that will help out pets across Louisiana. They paid for the treatment of the gunshot wound, and they covered the costs of boarding this sweet dog.

Now the group Labs4Rescue is helping him recuperate and eventually, when he is well, they will offer him for adoption. That is hope!!!

The Humane Society recently highlighted the great work of all of the people involved. They gave each a $300 gift card to Petco so they could use them for things they need at the shelter.

If you would like, the Acadia Parish Animal Shelter has an page where you can gift them items and have them shipped right to them.

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