One family in South Louisiana says that their elderly father, who owns a business in Evangeline Parish, has been robbed on several occasions.

KLFY TV-10. reports that the family of Eugene Fontenot, who is 84 years old, has been robbed by teens in Ville Platte on several occasions and they feel that the police there haven't done enough to stop and/or catch those responsible for the crimes.

Fontenot's family told KLFY TV 10 that the elderly business owner had been robbed multiple times in front of his business, Euco Finance Company.

The robberies usually happen when kids are out of school in the parish, which is on Monday, and they often take the money bags Fontenot has in his possession.

News 10 reports that those robbing the elderly man are in their teens.


According to the report out of Evangeline Parish police are aware of the crimes, yet the family of the elderly man feel like they could do more to put an end to this. Those in business also say that they don't feel safe after the rash of crimes committed in front of their business.

KLFY reports that on each occasion, robbers were able to get away with several hundred dollars, and on one occasion the money stolen was recovered from a vehicle not far from the crime.

If you have any information in these cases Ville Platte Police ask that you call them at (337) 363-1313.

Sadly for those in Evangeline Parish, this isn't the only issue that they're dealing with. In a previous report, the Sheriff of Evangeline Parish addressed the increased number of ATV thefts in the parish.


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