The Governor of Louisiana, Jeff Landry, had some harsh words for the LSU Women's Basketball team after they were not present during the National Anthem before an NCAA March Madness game.

Prior to the LSU and Iowa game Monday night, the Lady Tigers retreated back into their locker room for final preparations on the night, and while in the locker room the Natinoal Anthem was played in the arena.

Iowa was on the court and LSU was not, and that has led to a heated debate on various social media platforms.

As you would expect. some understood why LSU was not out on the court, while other's are furious that they were not. Some have gone as far to even suggest that the LSU players are Anti-America.

LSU v Iowa
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LSU Coach Kim Mulkey explained why her team was not on the court during the National Anthem, but her explanation was not enough for some fans, and apparently not enough for the Louisiana governor.

In a Tweet, Landry expressed how much of a fan he is of Coach Mulkey, but he would go on in the same Tweet to suggest/recommend that harsh penelaities be issued down on those collegiate athletes that are not out when the anthem is played or performed.

Gov. Landry says in the Tweet, "It is time that all college boards, including Regent, put a policy in place that student athletes be present for the national anthem or risk their athletic scholarship!"

Here's the Tweet from Gov. Landry that has received mixed reviews. What are your thoughts?

We should note that LSU football players are also not present when the National Anthem is performed in Death Vallley. You will notice that the team returns to the field immediately after the National Anthem is performed.

Would they too be subject to losing scholarships if they are not on the sideline when the band performs the Natinoal Anthem in Tiger Stadium?

Here are just a few of the comments from the under the Landry's Tweet.

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