One of the pieces of legislation recently signed into law by Governor Jeff Landry will help to save the lives of pets throughout the state of Louisiana through new commemorative stamps according to Louisiana Radio Network.

In Lafayette, we have a "no-kill" shelter. There are several other facilities in our surrounding areas that have the same type of shelter. Unfortunately, we still have an issue in our area with people who do not spay or neuter their pets. The issue is serious across our state.

While the state, as a whole, saved 77,000 pets last year, unfortunately, there were close to 12,000 animals that were euthanized according to Of the 72 animal shelters across the state, 26 of them are no-kill facilities.

According to the Shelter Animals Count program at, national euthanasia rates are at a 3-year high right now.

There are countless ways that cats and dogs end up on our streets, and when left on their own their populations can explode. That's one reason the spaying and neutering of pets is so important.

The Pet Overpopulation Advisory Council will now have the authority to design, make, and then sell commemorative stamps in order to raise funds to be able to send money to parishes throughout the state for spaying and neutering of animals.

Thousands of abandoned animals end up in shelters each year. When overcrowding happens across Louisiana right now, the animals can be euthanized.

Jeff Dorsoan, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Louisiana says

So this stamp was created as a jump off of the duck stamp program, and we liked what it was doing. It was raising a lot of money from its constituents so we thought let's borrow the idea.

The Louisiana Duck Stamp Program raises money to help protect wetland habits.

The first stamp to come out will likely cost fifteen dollars, but then the Council will have a variety of stamps at different prices in order to save money. They plan to make collector edition stamps, the first editions, and more.

Officials expect that it will take a year for the program to get started. We promise that as soon as the program is started, we will update this story.

Also, did you know you can get a Louisiana License plate, a special edition that gives more to help the pet populations? Visit this website today to find out more.

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