The 2024 solar eclipse is a thing of the past, but the videos coming from Texas are simply amazing.

Millions of people from across the country rushed to north Texas this week to get a glimpse of the total solar eclipse and it did not disappoint.

I don't think some understood the magnitude of this solar eclipse, but after watching some of the videos where the sun was shaded in the middle of the day, you get a better understanding as to why so many were invested in the eclipse.

A time-lapse from Dallas, Texas shows just how dark it really for in the middle of the day as the moon passed between the sun and Earth. Imagine having to turn your headlights on during the middle of the day just to see the road for a few minutes, then things return to normal.

Here's a look from near Downtown Dallas as things got very eerie for the solar eclipse of 2024.

Here's another look at the solar eclipse from Ft. Worth, Texas where they too got to witness a total solar eclipse. What an amazing thing it must have been to witness this is perfect.

Sadly, we didn't anything like this in south Louisiana due to the cloud cover.

If you can't get enough of these time-lapse videos covering the solar eclipse, here's one more that shows you just how dark it got in Texas, in the middle of the day, on April 8, 2024.

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