Imagine if you were able to win Raising Cane's for the next twenty years. Delicious chicken, those crispy fries! Well, here is your chance. It's a chance to experience the wonderful chicken along with their signature sauce.

Raising Cane's restaurant is celebrating the eclipse by having a contest where the winner will be the recipient of Raising Cane's for the next twenty years just in time for the next total eclipse.

What a fun way to celebrate today's total solar eclipse! The next time we will be able to see a total solar eclipse from the United States will be in twenty years, 2044.

Raising Cane's Contest
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How Do You Enter?

According to Raising Cane's officials, you need to visit this website. AND, when you enter the contest you get a code for a free piece of toast just by using their app.

You should know that this registration for the contest only lasts through tonight at 10:59:59 p.m. Central for our area.

Raising Cane's Chicken
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What Do You Win?

According to their official sweepstakes page for the contest, if you are the lucky winner you will be able to receive a Raising Cane's reward Card that you will be able to use to get 3 free THE BOX COMBO meals each calendar month. It starts the month you win and will run for 240 consecutive months! How exciting!

Imagine getting able to each Raising Cane's free three times a month for the next twenty years!!!!! It would be a delicious win!

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