For hundreds of thousands of Louisiana residents, Monday's eclipse was a mix between awe-inspiring and meh. It depends on where you were when you were viewing the heavenly event. Cities such as Lafayette, New Iberia, and Crowley had cloud cover issues while eclipse watchers in other communities had a little clearer view of the "action".

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

Now we did receive our more than fair share of "marginally successful" eclipse photographs. If you'd like to compare and contrast those snaps to some of yours you can judge for yourself who did and didn't "get the shot".  We don't usually get to share the "bad picture" galleries until fireworks season but I guess the eclipse was special.

One of the ways we knew it was special was the fact that we had to get "special glasses" just to watch the darn thing. Those special glasses or eclipse glasses were needed to protect our eyes from the damaging rays of the sun. And now that the eclipse is over what should we do with them?

Annular Solar Eclipse Passes Over The United States
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The Next Eclipse in the United States Won't Be For Quite A While

Those who predict eclipses say the next solar eclipse that will be visible in the United States will be in 2044. From what we understand the path will only cross through three states. There will be another eclipse the following year in 2045. That path is predicted to be closer to Louisiana but won't actually put the Path of Totality in Louisiana.

So, it will be at least another 20 years until you might need those eclipse glasses again. I am sure you are aware that their "sturdy cardboard construction" will not do well against the rigors of time. And to be quite honest, you really don't have a place to put them that you will remember 20 years from now.

How to spot fake eclipse glasses
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What Can You Do With Your Eclipse Glasses?

Sure you could just throw them out but you're better than that, right? Recycling is the way to go. You can at least recycle the cardboard and I am sure the lenses being made of plastic can be turned into a beach ball, water bottle, or adult novelty with minimal effort.


You can also donate those glasses. That's probably something you didn't even consider did you? Like Mardi Gras beads eclipse glasses can have a second life. The group Astronomers Without Borders would love to have your old glasses. If you happen to be near a Warby Parker store you can drop them off there or you can arrange to mail them in to the organization.

Eclipse Glasses USA is also collecting gently used glasses that don't have scratches, punctures, tears, or other damage. They will take the donated glasses and send them to Latin America so school agers there can use them to view an eclipse that will be visible in October of 2024.

Of Course, There is Always the Junk Drawer, Right?

I would imagine that many of you will do what we did at our house. We just stuck the glasses in the junk drawer. I am sure there will be a reason to pull them out again eventually. If not, they will lie in state with three or four dried-up tubes of super glue, some rubber bands, a broken pair of scissors, and a toy magnet that has a bunch of screws and nails stuck to it.

Yeah, it would be really nice if you donated them instead. Thank you. Besides, we all look really awkward when we wear those glasses. Not as awkward as we do during these times though.

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