There is no mistaking that barbecue is a life-or-death business in Texas. No, seriously, people have been killed over barbecue and it appears as though violence has once again reared its ugly head, this time in the Houston, Texas suburb of Humble. 

Luis Santoyo via
Luis Santoyo via

Authorities in Humble were called to a potential crime scene this past Sunday after they received a report of a deceased male in a residential neighborhood.

According to the report from Harris County S.O. the victim in this situation reportedly stole a barbeque pit from a resident's yard in Humble. The owner of the barbecue pit pursued the alleged thief in his car.

The pursuit lasted for a short distance before the owner of the barbecue grill confronted the alleged thief. The homeowner told officers that he felt his life was in danger and that the alleged thief may have been armed. That is why he, the homeowner, produced a weapon and fired several times.

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At least one of those shots was fatal as the alleged barbecue thief was reportedly found dead at the scene. The shooter (homeowner) has been cooperating with police as they proceed with their investigation. A second person was in the vehicle with the victim at the time of the shooting they were unharmed and are not facing charges in the case.

Humble is a suburb of Houston in Harris County Texas. It is located some 25 miles northeast of Houston. Once the investigation into the incident has been completed it is expected it will be referred to a grand jury.

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