Louisiana Catholics have a bit of a conundrum on their hands. That conundrum comes in the form of Ash Wednesday the beginning of the solemn season of Lent and Valentine's Day arguably the biggest candy-giving day of the year falling on the same day. Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day haven't landed on the same day since 2018 and before that, the two special days on the calendar lined up in 1954,

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The reason for the conundrum is that Valentine's Day is known for its excess and indulgence, usually in the form of candy and sweets. Ash Wednesday and the Lenten Season are known more as a time of "giving up indulgence". So, the two celebrations can be opposed. So, what's a good Catholic and a hopeless romantic to do?

U.S. Catholics Begin Lenten Season With Ash Wednesday Observance
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Catholic Bishops from around the nation are urging the faithful to "celebrate Valentine's Day on Mardi Gras". No, seriously, that is the suggestion. Since today, Mardi Gras, is the "last day of indulgence" why not start indulging in your heart-shaped chocolates a day early?

When asked about adjusting the day of romance a day earlier Doug Vu who leads a Catholic congregation in Birmingham, Alabama suggested this "Happy couples celebrate their Valentine 365 days a year, they don't celebrate once a year". Sounds like some great advice.

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So don't be alarmed if you see a little bit of red mixed in with the purple, green, and gold colors of Mardi Gras. It's okay to celebrate your Valentine a day early. And, for those of you who aren't sure what to do about Valentine's dinner on Wednesday, many restaurants around the area are offering Valentine's specials on Wednesday and Thursday, so you can celebrate a day later and maintain your spiritual obligations too.

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