With all of the traditions throughout Louisiana, it can be near impossible to know them all. Have you ever seen a boot on a fence? If you do, don't touch it. Here's why...

Why Do People Put Boots On A Fence
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What Does Boots on a Fence Mean?

If you've ever taken a drive through some of the more rural areas around Acadiana, chances are at some point you've noticed a boot on a fence post.

It's not just someone getting rid of an old boot they no longer want, it's actually there for an important reason.

Just as white crosses sometimes are placed as a memorial when someone has passed away from a fatal crash, a boot on a fence can sometimes serve a similar, somber purpose.

Boots On A Fence
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According to familyhandyman.com, there are a few meanings behind putting a boot on a fence.

Meaning of Boots on a Fence

A boot placed on a fence post can mean that a rancher or someone's horse has passed away.

It can also mean that a fellow rancher or comrade has passed away.

Putting a boot on a fence can also symbolize hard work.

From familyhandyman.com -

"Because a rancher grows attached to his boots and wears them daily, it’s a tradition to hang them on a fence whenever they have worn out. This represents the hard work the boots made possible."


What Do Boots On A Fence Mean
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If you see a boot on a fence post, it could just simply mean that the rancher is home. This is an older tradition people used to let others know they were home.

While most of these explanations are connected with ranch and farm life, the tradition of hanging a boot on a fence is also found in the city as well.

If you do ever come across a boot on a fence post, don't touch it. Chances are it's there as a heartfelt memorial for someone who has passed away.

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