Shoplifting has been an ongoing issue in Louisiana and nationwide for many years.

Theft has drastically increased with the introduction of self-checkout at big box stores, many of which have either taken them out altogether or started implementing new technology to crack down on shoplifters.

Target plans to introduce a new camera system to self-checkout to decrease theft in their stores nationwide.

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Introducing TruScan

TruScan uses thermal technology to detect and identify items. These cameras are different from those you are used to seeing at self-checkout, which simply capture a video of your face to deter people from stealing.

The TruScan technology can detect items being scanned and items that are missed. When a customer fails to scan an item properly or skips it altogether, they will be alerted with visual and audio cues to give them a chance to remedy their error.

The cameras can also track repeat offenders who regularly scan items incorrectly or neglect to scan all of their items to help determine if the customer is intentionally shoplifting. It will decide whether someone is shoplifting intentionally if the customer completely ignores both visual and audio alerts telling them that they missed an item.

When Will TruScan Be in Louisiana Stores?

Target plans to roll out this new technology in all stores nationwide this year. In addition, Target announced they will be limiting the number of items a customer can bring to self-checkout. The new self-checkout item limit will be 10 items only starting March 17th, 2024.

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