Amazon Prime totally revolutionized the online shopping experience by making it convenient and user friendly. They have also adapted to trends to maintain the loyalty of their customers.

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Other big box retailers like Walmart have taken notes and adapted similar perks to their membership programs in an attempt to stay top of mind with their customers as well.

Now there is talk of Target doing something along the lines of Amazon Prime and Walmart + and offering some sort of paid membership for their customers.

What Will 'Project Trident' Offer?

According to Bloomberg, the paid Target membership plans are referred to as 'Project Trident' internally. The project aims to increase what is already offered in their existing loyalty program called Target Circle. Currently members receive 1% off of all purchases that collects automatically in the Target app to be used on future purchases made in store or online.

While it's great that they offer some sort of opportunity for customers to save some money through discounts and exclusive Target Circle promotions, they are not on the same level as their competitor.

What Amazon Prime Offers:

  • Free 2 Day Shipping
  • Prime Video, Music, Reading
  • Prime Wardrobe, this could work well for Target. It allows members to try on clothes before they buy them.
  • Prime Day Early Access
  • Lightning Deals

Walmart+ Membership:

  • Free Unlimited Delivery
  • Member prices on fuel 5 cents per gallon
  • Mobile Scan and Go allows customers to scan products in store using the app and pay on their phone.
  • Walmart Entertainment

When Is 'Project Trident' Launching in Louisiana?

According to Bloomberg, we could see this new membership program take effect as soon as this year.

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