In Thibodeaux, Louisiana, a heartbreaking incident involving the shooting of a dog on North Canal Boulevard has left locals grappling with questions and concerns.

The family who owned the dog conveyed to Fox 8 their understanding of the situation, expressing no blame towards the officer involved in the shooting. According to the family's account, the dog had reportedly growled at the officer and had bitten him twice, leading to the unfortunate event.

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However, while the family appears to empathize with the circumstances that led to the dog's shooting, they are distressed by the public's reaction to the incident. Their wish is for the situation to "go away". Many people are wondering why a tazer was not used instead of killing the dog.

Austin McKee Via Fox 8
Austin McKee Via Fox 8

Thibodaux police have confirmed that an investigation is underway to shed light on the incident. Video footage obtained by Fox 8, limited to the moments before the dog was shot, provides a partial glimpse into the unfolding events. The video is linked at the bottom of this page.

The incident occurred around 10:30 AM on Christmas morning, as reported by both witnesses and law enforcement. According to official statements, a loose dog was observed darting unpredictably amidst traffic and allegedly bit an officer. The situation escalated when the dog reportedly charged toward an individual, leading to the fatal shooting.

As the investigation continues, Thibodaux police aim to uncover more details pertaining to the circumstances leading up to the captured video. The desire to understand the events leading up to the tragic outcome remains a priority as authorities work to unravel the sequence of events that transpired before the dog was fatally shot.


Community members await further updates and information from the ongoing investigation to gain a clearer understanding of why the officer mad the decision to shoot the dog.

Watch the video here.

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