If you are a pet owner and have ever had one of them go missing you know the instant panic that comes over you when you realize they are gone.

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The last time one of our family dogs ran away we searched and handed out flyers for days on end hoping that someone would recognize her picture. After 3 days we finally received a call that someone found her in a large field roaming around. Unfortunately, not every missing pet story has a happy ending. With that in mind, a Louisiana based business has added a service that's main objective is to locate missing pets.

Southern Drone Recovery


Louisiana is know for excellent hunting and fishing. When Brett Delcambre first started Southern Drone Recovery it's primary goal was to help hunters locate their deer using drones. These are not any ordinary drones, they use thermal technology to determine the location of the deer. Now using that same method and technology he has shifted some of his focus to helping Louisiana families find their lost pets because "our pets are like family" Delcambre said in a interview with WAFB.

Searching on foot alone for missing pets can be exhausting and often times is unsuccessful because there are so many tree dense areas that can't be thoroughly searched on foot.

Having this birds eye view allows Brett to search 600 acres at a time day or night. This is a huge game changer because it cuts down on the time that your missing pet is wandering around and has proven to be very successful and helpful for worried families.

The more we did It the more I liked it. It’s become a real passion, I love helping people. Pets are our family, so if we can find somebody’s lost pet, it’s super rewarding

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