Louisiana has no shortage of talented artists and musicians. Music is a massive part of our culture and everyday lives. It would only be fitting that one of the many well-known artists that we know and love from Louisiana perform at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2025 since it's in New Orleans.

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The last time New Orleans hosted the Super Bowl was back in 2013, and Beyonce performed at the halftime show, which will be incredibly hard to top this year. However, we asked our listeners what Louisiana artists should perform this year at the Super Bowl LIX I in New Orleans and they had some pretty good suggestions.

What if we could get a little bit of everything? Not have to choose just one artist. Many commenters suggested having a group act that features some of our state's biggest artists, from Hip hop to zydeco and even country.

If we had it our way, every artist on this list would perform or make a cameo in some form or fashion.

Here are the 20 Louisiana artists our listeners want to see at the Super Bowl in 2025.

20 Louisiana Artists That Should Perform During The Super Bowl Half Time Show in New Orleans

It's only fitting that a Louisiana artist or artists perform at the Super Bowl in New Orleans.

Gallery Credit: Sydney DuCharme