In a heartbreaking update from Breaux Farms LLC, the viral journey of Deux Face, the two-faced calf that captured the hearts of thousands far beyond south Louisiana, has come to an end. The farm announced today that Deux Face passed away after a brief yet impactful life of 26 days.

From February 28 to March 25, 2024, Deux Face had tens of thousands of followers invested in her journey. Despite the challenges posed by her rare condition, Deux Face made significant progress, defying the odds with the support and care of the team at Breaux Farms. Over the last few weeks, the calf's story of resilience and the farm's dedication to her well-being resonated with people not only in south Louisiana but around the world. Followers of Deux Face's story have been a source of constant support, offering kind words, thoughts, and prayers through the ups and downs.

The farm's latest Facebook update shared the sad news: "We are saddened to say that this will be the last update for Deux Face. She stopped eating over the weekend and has moved on to greener pastures today." The post reflected on the calf's life, acknowledging the difficult path but also the fulfillment of providing Deux Face with the best life possible, however short it may have been.

Breaux Farms expressed their gratitude towards the folks around the globe who rallied around Deux Face, emphasizing how the encouragement helped them persevere through their own challenging times. The loss of Deux Face is felt deeply by the farm and her many followers, but the memories and the stories people will tell for years to come will undoubtedly live on.

While the Breaux Farms team and the many followers of her journey mourn the loss of Deux Face, commenters are also celebrating the joy and inspiration she provided in her brief life.

RIP to Deux Face, and hats off to the incredible people at Breaux Farms LLC for their love and care.

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Gallery Credit: Katherine Gallagher