Jennings, LA (KPEL News) - We've all heard about the challenges fast food restaurants and other businesses are facing with staffing. Customers expect to walk in or drive up, place orders, and have a staff member ready to assist. With nearly 1800 positions available in Louisiana in the fast food industry, having someone there is more difficult.

Businesses around Louisiana are either cutting hours of operation or services to keep up, but one fast food restaurant has turned to technology to fill the gap. As a matter of fact, the Jennings location is the only one in Louisiana equipped with their new server. It's impressive to see it in action!

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McDonald's instituted order kiosks a number of years ago where customers could place their order on a touch screen that was then handed out by employees behind the counter. In late 2022, they opened the doors to the first-ever fully-automated restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas.

Meanwhile in Jennings, Louisiana, a robot server will deliver your food to your table. We don't know why McDonald's decided to employ it at the Jennings store, but here's how it works:

  • You order your food at the counter.
  • You are given a gadget that you bring to your table to place on the corner.
  • When your order is ready, the robot comes rolling over with your food and drinks.

Jennifer Mathieu, a Crowley native, discovered the interesting system on a recent visit to the fast food restaurant. She was not only intrigued by the robot itself, but also the fact that the staff loves the techno-server so much that they gave her a name: Rosetta the McRobot.

Jennifer remarked:

She's even polite!

Jennifer says the food arrived hot and fresh, the drinks not watered down. And Rosetta is pretty fast!

You'll see in the video below that she shared on social media how efficiently Rosetta handles the transaction and that she is, indeed, polite.

For years, we've seen the list of jobs that have been replaced by machines, and the trend is expected to continue as AI advances so rapidly. While that may be a legitimate concern, robots may solve the problem some companies have with staffing.


Another look at Rosette in action:

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