Waffle House has been in the news a lot lately, but a viral painting of the restaurant in the style of Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night" may be one of the coolest.

That painting, "Starry Waffles," is one of several works by Louisiana-based artist Matt Dawson. A pharmacist during the day, Dawson has been painting for more than 30 years. His latest work, though, has been making the rounds on social media and news sites around the Internet.

Dawson, who hails from Natchitoches, Louisiana, has been painting for a long time. He's self-taught and draws inspiration from a variety of pop culture references, as well as beautiful and iconic scenes. He also sells prints of his work on Etsy, a popular platform for selling goods and crafts.

"Starry Waffles" is just one of the prints for sale. The original, he said in a thread on Reddit, has already been sold.

The viral painting has received a ton of attention online, and it even got a comment from the official Waffle House account on Instagram. In an interview with Fox News, Dawson explained the significance of the restaurant.

"When my wife was sick, we used to go down to New Orleans to see a doctor… and every time we would come back, we would stop at [Waffle House] in Sorrento," Dawson shared, adding that his wife Amber Dawson once struggled with bladder and kidney issues.

"In addition to the tip, I would always put five dollars on the jukebox for the waitress to [put] on whatever artist they liked," he added.

His art has been resonating with people online, and he's gotten several requests for the prints, as well as other artists contacting him for permission to use it in classes.

"This is the coolest thing," he wrote on Twitter. "Someone contacted me this week to use my painting in their class. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. The response to this is amazing. I’m really blessed."

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