A group of people gathering for the solar eclipse in Texas yesterday not only got to see a rare solar event, but some believe they got to see a UFO as well.

Louisiana Solar Eclipse
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Solar Eclipse UFO In Texas

The solar total eclipse of 2024 has gone down as one of the most exciting astral events of 2000s. Americans all across the United States were dazzled by the eclipse as the greatest show on Earth traveled it's way across the country.

As if the solar event wasn't exciting enough, a group of eclipse enthusiasts in Arlington, Texas got a whole lot more than they were expecting.

Watching the video, it looks like us silly humans weren't the only ones interested in the rare solar event.

Something that appears to be a UFO racing through the sky was caught on video, and what's interesting is it was seen by the entire crowd in attendance.

Texas Solar Eclipse UFO Video
X Via @MattWallace888

From News18.com -

"In Texas, while residents prepared themselves to witness the rare event, that’s when an unknown flying object passed from the eclipse path, which left everyone surprised.

Strangely, the object went unnoticed until it was above the cloud and only its shadow was visible before it disappeared into thin air."

One user on X who claims to be an aviation spotter says what the crowd witnessed wasn't other worldly, but actually just a shadow cast by an airplane flying at a higher altitude.

Seems like the reasonable explanation, but not nearly as fun.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

NSFW language in the video

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