LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - According to a "Do Not Stop" list currently floating around the Internet, one truck stop that drivers need to avoid is right here in Lafayette, just off I-10.

There is a growing concern about crime waves and mass theft all around the country, and there is apparently a rising concern about crime at truck stops for drivers carrying a lot of cargo.

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According to the website Boing Boing, they "spotted it on Reddit's 'Mildly Interesting' sub, where it's apparently a regular repost."

Heading over to the post on Reddit, the comments are quick to explain why such a list would be out there.

"It's for theft (organized theft) of High Value Loads, like a trailer full of cigarette cartons," one of the folks there explained. "Sometimes the theft starts with a corrupt employee at the weigh stations who ask 'what's in the load.' Smart drivers tell them it's 'sealed,' or 'not your concern' if they feel froggy."

"[M]any of the Love's and Pilot travel centers have HUGE lots for overnight parking," another said. "So you have a collection of drivers - usually trying to grab some rest. It's one thing to steal an item from a store, it's another level to get a full trailer load."

Truck do not stop list for USA. Highlighting where trucks and truckers are at risk.
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Where Is Lafayette's "Do Not Stop" Location?

It's the TravelCenters of America stop on University, just off I-10.

To be clear, cargo thefts are up across the country, which is why a list like this gets circulated. This doesn't mean that TA in Lafayette is a hotbed of crime. Rather, for some unfortunate truckers, there have apparently been some trucks that were broken into overnight in recent years.

Part of the problem is that these stops allow a trucker to pull in and sleep overnight. Many of these places have huge parking lots for just that reason. But some determined folks looking for good merchandise can take advantage and break into the trailer - or even steal the entire thing.

trucker 900 via YouTube
trucker 900 via YouTube

Truck drivers can protect their high-value loads by implementing several security measures.

Firstly, they should carefully plan their routes, opting for well-lit and secure roads whenever possible. Utilizing GPS tracking systems allows for real-time monitoring of the truck's location, deterring theft and aiding in recovery efforts if necessary.

Drivers should maintain constant communication with their dispatchers and report any suspicious activity immediately. Investing in security devices such as locks, seals, and alarms for the truck and trailer adds an extra layer of protection. Conducting thorough pre-trip inspections to ensure the integrity of the cargo area and performing regular safety checks during stops are essential.

Lastly, drivers should adhere to strict protocols for accessing and securing the load, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or tampering. By implementing these strategies, truck drivers can significantly reduce the likelihood of theft and safeguard their high-value loads.

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