Classic cops Starsky and Hutch are being eyed by James Gunn, and Black Mirror is almost ready for its fourth season. These are this morning's Pop Bits.

After spending some time defending the galaxy with a group of real a-holes, James Gunn is now turning his attention to the small screen. Working with Sony and his brother Brian and cousin Mark, Gunn is attempting to revive the classic '70s buddy cop show Starsky and Hutch. Gunn's style and sensibilities would work well on a revival, but it'll be tough to top the Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson movie update from a few years back.

Netflix hasn't given a release date for the fourth season of Black Mirror yet, but a new trailer dropped today hinting at what to expect from the upcoming season. Six new episodes will arrive all at once before the end of the year, each of which brings something a little different to the table.

The comeback season of Will and Grace will deal with its characters in a much more grown-up setting than before as all the cast members are now middle-aged. While some of the returning stars have settled into being in their 50s well enough, Jack just can't handle being 50 and gay all that well. As is shown in the latest teaser, which has a bit of fun at Grindr's expense.

Sign of the Times, a documentary Prince filmed in conjunction with the release of the album with the same name, hasn't been seen in over a decade. It's never gotten a home video release, nor has it been aired on television since that first run. Showtime recently acquired the film, and plans to show it on September 16. There's no word on a video release though, but at least we'll get one more chance to look inside the mind of one of rock's greatest musicians.

Someone in the Prada-owned Miu Miu design office is definitely going to get a talking to about how a shirt with a yellow five-point star patched on made it through approvals. The similarity to the Star of David that many Jewish citizens were forced to wear is undeniable, but at least Prada came to its senses and will pull the highly offensive item from release.

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