It’s been a real rough day in the American news cycle, but here’s something exciting to brighten up your Friday afternoon: all-around awesome and talented human being/android Janelle Monae is going to be in a Disney movie!

After impressive supporting turns in Moonlight and Hidden Figures, Monae is adding another role to her resume. The musician/actress is the latest to join Disney’s upcoming reboot of The Lady and the Tramp, according to Variety. Even better, this means we’re getting a Disney movie starring “Pynk” music video co-stars / real-life friends (/ maybe more but who knows) Monae and Tessa Thompson.

In the live-action/CG hybrid, Thompson will voice the titular cocker spaniel and Justin Theroux will voice the stray pup. Monae will lend her voice to Lady’s pal Peg, the shih tzu maltese originally voiced by Peggy Lee in the 1955 animated movie. Lee, who co-wrote and helped compose the original film’s score, also sang three songs in it. It’s not clear if the new reboot will also be a musical, but with Monae on board it’d be kinda crazy not to be, right?

The new Lady and the Tramp also stars Thomas Mann (Me Earl and the Dying Girl) as Lady’s owner Jim Dear and Kiersey Clemmons as his wife Darling. The film comes from The LEGO Ninjago Movie director Charlie Beam and a script by Charles Bujalski. The reboot is expected to premiere exclusively on Disney’s upcoming streaming service, so if that new Star Wars show wasn’t enough to convince you to sign up, this will.

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