Jase Robertson is the 2nd oldest brother of the Robertsons from Duck Dynasty who have become famous for duck calls, their devotion to God and of course the beards! But tonight with family over for a Labor Day party he cut his beard off!

As someone who has seen every episode of Duck Dynasty I can't even imagine what he would look like! Jase cut his famous beard that he's had for seven years for a good reason to benefit charity. #ShaveJase benefitted the Mia Moo Fund which he raised over $100,000 to help children born with cleft lip/palate. Check out the video below...(Skip to the end to see the beardless Jase!)

The whole event was broadcast on Facebook Live and even Jase's wife Missy was kept in suspense to see the final reveal. And honestly I think it turned out great... But as a fellow beard brother I hope he grows it back quickly!

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