For today's #TBT, let's look back on the time our Mudbugs made it to the bigtime for a hilarious reason.

In any other year, we would be right at the beginning of our Mudbugs hockey season. Sadly, 2020 is unlike any other and our Mudbugs season has been delayed by a month or two. It is good news that the Mudbugs are planning on playing hockey this season, and they will be announcing their schedule this week.

Still, find myself missing the Mudbugs these days. I began working with them as their in-arena host over ten years ago, so there's always a Mudbugs sized hole in my heart anytime we don't have games on the weekend.

With the 'Bugs in mind, I wanted to dedicate this week's #TBT to one of my favorite Mudbugs moment ever. The time our home team was featured on Barstool Sports.

Barstool Sports, arguably the nation's favorite sports and pop culture blog, shared a video featuring our Shreveport Mudbugs. More specifically, stud goaltender Maiszon Balboa and his skating ability (or lack-there-of).

Balboa is filmed skating towards a camera for a promo video shoot. The only problem is, Balboa is a goalie, and goalies aren't exactly known for their immaculate skating ability. Naturally, when Balboa arrives at the camera, he falls very hard in hilarious fashion in front of the entire team.

Check it out!



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