If there's one takeaway from Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, it's that nine years later, Snooki, Jenni, Mike, Ronnie, Pauly, Vinny, Deena and yes, even Angelina, can still make us cringe. And we mean criiiinge.

When it comes to secondhand embarrassment, Family Vacation truly is the gift that keeps on giving, from pants-pooping awkwardness to baby mama drama and sooo much immaturity. While some of the cast of Jersey Shore may have learned about adulthood and responsibility since the show first aired on MTV back in 2009, a few self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes still have a thing or two to learn about growing up. (We're looking at you Ronnie.)

Below, check out 25 totally cringe-worthy moments from the sensational revival.

  • 1

    When Snooki Got a College Student So Wasted She Threw Up and Passed Out in Her Underwear

    After Ronnie, then in a relationship, brought home a group of women from the club, Snooki tried to foil his opportunity to cheat by doing everything in her power to make the women black out — rather than, you know, having Ronnie be responsible for his own actions.

  • 2

    When Ronnie's Terrible Grammar Ruined the Note He and the Boys Wrote Deena

    In an attempt to get Deena out of the house so he and the the Jersey Shore men could have a boys weekend, they sort of endearingly bought her a plane ticket home to see her husband, but botched the surprise with a note made nonsensical by Ronnie's extremely poor grammar.

  • 3

    When Vinny Wouldn't Leave Snooki the Hell Alone After She Explicitly Told Him Not to Come Near Her

    Snooki, who previously cheated on her now-husband with Vinny, repeatedly asked him to keep his distance out of concern that it would upset Jionni. Vinny, however, is apparently a 30-year-old man who doesn't understand boundaries or basic social cues, and kept getting obnoxiously close to her despite her explicit request to stop.

  • 4

    When Ronnie Called Mike "The Incarceration," "The Tax Evasion" and an Assortment of Other Wince-Inducing Names

    There are just certain lines you shouldn't cross, and Ronnie, though fully aware of what he was doing, ignored them outright.

  • 5

    Any Time Vinny Talked to His Girlfriend On the Phone, Digging Himself Deeper Into a Hole

    Because somehow, in Vinny's mind, getting the numbers of two women who are definitely not his girlfriend is somehow better than just one.

  • 6

    When Jenni and Snooki Fought and Snooki Called Her an "Idiot" for No Reason

    One the one hand, it was the kind of fight you only have with someone you deeply love. On the other, third graders have have had arguments with more maturity and tact.

  • 7

    Pretty Much All of Ronnie's Behavior From the Night He Cheated on His Girlfriend

    Including the next day, when he repeatedly insisted he had done nothing wrong. (He most certainly had).

  • 8

    When Jenni Awkwardly Had to Ask Angelina to Leave the House in Miami


  • 9

    When Ronnie Called a Cab to Take Pauly D's Date Home Simply Because She Resembled Sammi

  • 10

    Every Time Anyone Interacted With the Creepy Sammi Doll

    That there even was a creepy Sammi doll says enough on its own.

  • 11

    But, More Specifically, Ron Treating the Doll Like It Was the Actual Sam, Who He Is Very Clearly Not Over

    We have secondhand embarrassment.

  • 12

    The Way Vinny "The Keto Guido" Scraped Cheese Off His Pizza In the First Episode

    In the words of Sammi: STAHP.

  • 13

    Every Time Vinny Joked About the Girls' Plastic Surgery

    “Nicole’s face has the price tag hanging off of it.”

  • 14

    Every Time Mike Brought Up "French Fries" in Front of Ronnie or Jen

    For all the progress Mike has made, he apparently hasn't fully let go of his pot-stirring past.

  • 15

    When Angelina Apparently Pooped Her Pants... and Wouldn't Shut Up About It

    But why would you keep talking about it? UM, HELLO!?

  • 16

    When Ronnie Nearly Ruined Mike's Proposal By Instigating a Fight With Jenni

    He literally told Jenni Mike said he wanted to throw a pie in her face as a prank because he was jealous of Mike's happy relationship. WTF?

  • 17

    When Ronnie Nearly Ruined Mike's Proposal (Again!!) by Talking About It Loudly While in Earshot of Lauren

    Seriously, Rahn, stahp.

  • 18

    Every Time Ronnie Complained About Having a Baby With Jen

    Behold, an adult man who refuses to accept responsibility for a single thing he does!

  • 19

    When Vinny Was a Total Brat About His Dumb Haircut

    It literally looked the same.

  • 20

    Every Time Mike Took Hours to Get Ready With No Respect for His Roommates' Time

    We've got a situation.

  • 21

    Uncle Nino. Full Stop.

    What the hell is he saying, anyway?

  • 22

    When Snooki Had to, Quite Literally, Clean Up Ronnie's S--t

    Why did she agree to this?

  • 23

    When Snooki Ate and Cuddled With a Pizza Left Outside All Night After *Just* Discarding Its Ant-Ridden Counterpart

    A meatball's gotta do what a meatball's gotta do.

  • 24

    Ronnie's Backhanded Speech About Mike on Night One


  • 25

    When Snooki Tried to Steal Strippers' Money


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