Back in January The Situation aka Michael Sorrentino from the popular TV Show Jersey Shore plead guilty to Tax Evasion but the sentencing has yet to be handed down. Mike and his brother Marc were charged in 2014 with multiple tax offenses related to nearly $9 million in income. It looks like today we might find out what the future will hold for Sorrentino.

The Situations lawyer is seeking probation due to the fact that he plead guilty and has been working with authorities however feds are seeking 14 months in prison. From the statement put out by the feds it looks like they're trying to make an example out of him to show how seriously they take tax fraud. Sorrentino's lawyer says this shows the punishment they're seeking isn't for his crimes but because of his celebrity.

No word yet how or if the outcome of this case will effect any future taping of The Jersey Shore... Maybe Jersey Shore: Lockup?

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