What can I say? When charity is involved, I can't lose!

Sam's Town Casino hosted their second annual Celebrity Slots Tournament. Prominent personalities in the area were invited to come dine at William B's Steakhouse and then compete to win money for the charity of their choice. First prize won $500. Second prize won $300. And third prize won $200.

After eating steak, salmon, oysters, caprese salad, cheesecake and more it was time to compete!

We were divided into three groups. I was in group three. There would be a winner from each group, but the overall winner from all three groups would take home the $500. We were simply told, "Click as fast as you can and make sure to tap the candies that pop up on the screen periodically for bonus points."

I came in first place and won $500 for Children's Miracle Network. How cool is that?! Every dollar of this will stay right here in Shreveport-Bossier to help kids and their families.

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