Take this photo in.

Jessica Simpson lives not far from the crash site where Kobe Bryant's helicopter went down early Sunday morning in California.

The former pop star's husband snapped the photo below, which she shared on Instagram, and it is gorgeous.

Over the crash site, where nine people were killed, the sky looks like it has opened up for the souls lost in the wreck. There even appears to be a sense of peace over the site.

I should add here that has beautiful as the photo is, Simpson's words are just as gorgeous. She mentioned that she is heartbroken for all affected by the crash and then has some amazing words of encouragement for Kobe Bryant's wife, Vannesa.

As of Monday afternoon, not all of the bodies have been recovered from the crash site. Reason being the terrain has been very challenging for those taking part in the recovery process and in the investigation.

Check out this powerful photo below.


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