When young Jews hit that magical age of 13, they go through the coming-of-age ceremony known as a bar mitzvah (for boys) or a bat mitzvah (for gals). There’s music, dancing, and food, you receive lots of money for bravely keeping a straight face while assorted relatives pinch your cheeks. If you’re really lucky, a major late-night personality will bless your entry into the world of adulthood with his virtual presence.

That’s what happened to one Will Rubin, who chose Jimmy Kimmel and his televised talk show as the theme for his bar mitzvah. In his simultaneously flattering and faintly threatening video requesting Kimmel’s presence at his shindig, Rubin earnestly tells Kimmel he’s coming for the man’s job. Ever the good sport, Kimmel recorded a video message to be played at Rubin’s party, and then teleconferenced the kid into the show for a little post-mortem wrap-up. Just as Kimmel’s asking the boy about how he enjoyed himself and why he’d want a Jimmy Kimmel-themed bar mitzvah, who but former Daily Show host Jon Stewart should appear!

The one-time talking head and proud Jew playfully dresses Rubin down for inviting a goyishe TV personality to a night devoted to Judaism. It’s only right, he reasons, that the showbiz icon around whom you structure your big night as a newly-minted Jewish man would at least be circumcised. Rubin takes all the ribbing in good humor before revealing that he donated half of the money he received as gifts to charity — he’s a real mensch, as Kimmel himself notes. Mazel tov, young Will Rubin. For your sweet 16, maybe branch out in the late-night world a little and see what Desus and Mero are up to.

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