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Someone Broke Into Johnny Depp's House and Took a Shower

According to law enforcement officers, a man broke into Johnny Depp's house by hopping the fence surrounding the actor's home. The man then proceeded to make himself very at home by mixing himself a drink and take a nice hot shower. (via TMZ)

Data Shows Americans' Least Favorite Household Chores

A new study shows that Americans' least favorite household chores are doing the laundry, doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, dusting and ironing. But we probably could have told you that! (via YouGov)

San Diego Dad Arrested After Breaking Into Elephant Enclosure

Jose Manuel Navarrete broke into the elephant enclosure at the San Diego Zoo with his 2-year-old daughter. The father briefly turned his back on the elephant housed in the enclosure before it charged at him and his toddler. Thankfully, Navarrete got himself and his daughter out of the pen with no injuries, although he did drop his little girl before escaping. He was subsequently arrested for child endangerment. (via TMZ)


Is a Mrs. Doubtfire Documentary on the Way (Dear)?

The director of Mrs. Doubtfire, Chris Columbus, recently revealed that there are some unreleased R-rated scenes of the movie featuring Robin Williams. He also said that he would be completely open to working on a documentary to showcase some of that footage for the first time. (via The Wrap)

Monopoly Is Getting A Makeover

Hasbro is finally updating the community chest cards in its traditional Monopoly game. Instead of "second place in a beauty contest," the cards will say things like, "shop local," "rescue a puppy" and "help your neighbors." (via Hasbro)

Chrissy Teigen & Kris Jenner To Release Cleaning, Self-Care Products

Chrissy Teigan and Kris Jenner are officially business partners. The pair have created their own line of cleaning and self-care products, including hand soaps, hand sanitizers and glass cleaners. The line is called Safely and will be "dedicated to clean cleaning with natural aromatherapy scents." (via JustJared)

Celebrities Accused of Terrible Crimes

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