The following post contains SPOILERS and Easter Eggs for Joker. We’re not being funny about this.

The new Joker movie tells a completely original interpretation of the Batman villain’s origin. This Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) is named Arthur Fleck, and he’s a struggling clown and aspiring standup comic who begins to lose his mind when Gotham City cuts off his access to his medication just as he’s beset by a series of personal tragedies. But if you think Joker doesn’t include references to DC Comics, the joke’s on you. In fact, it does contain several very pointed callbacks to classic Batman comics — along with a ton of homages to previous movies, particularly the works of Martin Scorsese (who was supposed to be an executive producer of Joker, once upon a time).

The following list contains ten of the most clever Joker Easter eggs, but there are more. Keep your eyes peeled and let us know what we missed over on Facebook or Twitter. And keep checking ScreenCrush for lots more coverage of Joker all month.

Gallery — The History of Batman Onscreen:

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