S.O.S.: Are The Jonas Brothers staging a comeback? A new social media revival seems to say as much.

Right around the 10-year anniversary of the JoBros' third studio album (and their first Billboard No. 1), A Little Bit Longer , Twitter and Instagram users noticed that Kevin Jonas', Nick Jonas' and Joe Jonas' collective Instagram profile seemed to sprout up again out of nowhere. And they were PUMPED.

"smh if the Jonas Brothers think I’m about to drop everything and pay to see them after they ditched us for all these years...then they’re right because that’s exactly what I’m about to do," one fan tweeted, while another wrote "If there’s ever actually a jonas brothers reunion tour that better also mean that big rob comes out during burnin’ up and does his famous rap because he’s for real and that’s NO LIE."

Still, the account's most recent post is from nearly five years ago. Plus, some fans say that the "revival" was hearsay, and that the account has been active all along. Either way, it certainly got the rumor mill a-turning.

The group officially formed in 2005, moving on to sell 17 million albums before a 2013 breakup.

Are you into the idea of a JoBros reunion? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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