'Jurassic Park 4' quietly began filming a little over a week ago and the first images from the set have begun to trickle out. Those hoping to catch a glimpse of a T-Rex or a velociraptor will have to wait a little while longer, but there's enough subtle goodness in these three photos to get any fan excited.

Revealed over at EW, the images don't tell us anything specific, but they're pretty cool nonetheless. The first image gives us a look at Bryce Dallas Howard's character, who, from the looks of her clothes and surroundings, appears to be the kind of corporate bigwig who thinks an island theme park filled with cloned dinosaurs and delicious tourists is a good idea. The second pic is of a construction vehicle that appears to have had a run-in (quite literally) with something big, nasty and armed with razor sharp claws and teeth. The final image not only gives us a gorgeous look at the barely-tamed jungles of Isla Nublar, it gives us a great look at the film's logo, which is an exact recreation of the classic 'Jurassic Park' icon with a change in color scheme.

The only person who is more excited for this movie than us is director Colin Trevorrow, who shared this story with EW:

Yesterday I was under a construction crane with Chris Pratt, covered with dirt, eyeballing the exact height of the dinosaur trying to kill him. We both cracked up laughing. Sometimes you just have to stop and let the joy take over.

'Jurassic World' will arrive in theaters on June 12, 2015.

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