What a week is was at the trial Doctor Conrad Murray!

On Friday, prosecutors played the jury the entire 2 hour interview Dr. Murray gave with police.

In it, Murray gave his timeline that lead to the eventual death of Michael Jackson.

He claimed that Michael Jackson kept telling him that he had to sleep so he could perform at  rehearsals... And that, without propofol, Jackson would have to cancel the tour.

Murray also said that Michael had a nickname for the propofol... Milk.

The reason Dr. Murray gave for not calling paramedics earlier? He didn't know the zip code!

Also, investigator Elissa Fleak testified that she did make some mistakes in the collection of evidence.

But, while Dr. Murray claimed that Jackson gave himself propofol, Fleak said only Murray's fingerprints were on the bottles.

The trial continues Monday... And the Michael Jackson Tribute show is this weekend.