Alvin Kamara made every Saints fans' holiday wish come true in an unimaginable way when he put up 6 touchdowns on Christmas Day. Now, Kamara will remember that special day with a box filled with touchdown balls, his game jersey, his green and red cleats, as well as a letter from the NFL with a fine inside for wearing said cleats.

Check out the post on Twitter from @A_kamara6 below

Alvin Kamara made history on Christmas of 2020 when he put up six, yes that is 6, total touchdowns to help propel the Saints to victory. As he is continuing to help the Saints in the playoffs, the star running-back is keeping a box full of memories from that very special day.

The cleats, the jersey, the touchdown balls... they are all so cool.

But flexing the fine letter from the NFL is the cherry on top. Kamara wore the flashy green and red cleats to keep the festivities going on Christmas Day, knowing that the NFL would probably send a fine his way.

I hope Kamara takes a peek into the box before every game during this playoff run just to remind himself that he is, indeed, THAT GUY.


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