Forget the "Birthday" cake, sugary pop connoisseurs—Katy Perry is about to deliver her next bite-size musical dessert, and this time, it's some all-American pie.

On Monday (April 24) the pop star teased the upcoming release of her long-rumored fourth album track "Bon Appetit" (which she previously teased on Instagram and is rumored to feature Ariana Grande) with a tongue in cheek newsletter heralding the "World's Best Cherry Pie" recipe.

But more than just a (legitimately functional and honestly delicious-sounding) recipe for the cherry-filled baked good, the newsletter seems to contain some potential lyrics from the sexy song itself: "This pie is gonna hit that sweet tooth, boy... / Calm those hungry eyes... / Bon appetit, baby!"

See Katy's sticky-sweet recipe below:

Courtesy of Katy Perry
Courtesy of Katy Perry

Katy Perry's Cover Art Is Pure Pop Eye Candy:


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