In the wake of the shocking announcement that Toys-R-Us will be closing up shop for good, a silver lining has appeared!  Long dead toy retailer Kay-Bee toy stores is readying itself for a comeback this year!  Kay-Bee toy stores was famous for being the toy oasis in the mall - when you were good, you could usually coerce mom and/or dad to let you explore this little piece of heaven.  With the very concept of toy stores fading fast, this could end up being a very unique shopping experience for today's kids.

According to the New York Post - Strategic Marks, the California company that bought the KB brand in 2016, is working on Pop-up stores that would populate shopping malls before Black Friday.  CEO Ellia Kassoff bought the KB brand trademark after previous owner (Toys R Us) let it go dormant.  Kassoff says the plan is to open as many stores as possible before large scale Christmas shopping kicks off this year.

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