This Sunday, June 28, Kenny Loggins will stream a performance from the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, Calif., with the intention of raising money for the venue and others like it across the U.S.

Loggins released a video of himself (embedded below) on the stage of the Lobero, a 604-seat theater that was built in 1873 and is a California landmark. "For almost 150 years, the best musicians in the world have played this stage," he said. "But that all changed a few months ago, and until we beat this pandemic and get the audience back safely, this theater -- and others like it -- are facing a very uncertain future."

Tickets will cost $15 for the show, which will be performed without a live audience, and can be purchased at the Lobero's website. It will take place at 7PM Pacific; however, those who purchase tickets will be able to watch the set at their convenience until July 1.

In addition to helping the Lobero, proceeds will benefit the National Independent Venue Association, the organization behind the #SaveOurStages movement that has sprung up to call awareness to the financial difficulties that many clubs and theaters are having due to the COVID-19 pandemic. NIVA estimates that 90 percent of independent venues will be forced to shutter permanently "if the shutdown lasts six months and there’s no federal assistance."

"All of us that make music want to be back in the room with you again," he concluded. "Let's do this, so the theaters and clubs will still be here when we get the chance."

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