The catalyst for my 2018 is this 31-day challenge I've signed up for. It's not too late to play along!

As we got closer to 2018 last week, I realized that I really wanted something to kickstart my year. I didn't want to wander aimlessly through my first 31 days, trying to gain some footing on my resolutions. Luckily, I've found this 31-Day Self-Care Challenge to Start Living Your Best Life on


This was going to be the perfect way to start prioritizing myself and make little changes that would ultimately help me in conquering my year-long resolutions at the same time. Now, I'll be completely honest with you... I had to compromise on Day 1. Yesterday, I was supposed to run or go on a hike outside. Obviously, starting something like this in the dead of winter is not ideal, but I was able to find a happy medium. Instead of running or hiking, I walked briskly in the cold air to meet some friends for brunch.

On to day two.

For today, January 2, it's all about meditation. That word can be intimidating for someone like me, whose mind is constantly racing. At any given moment, I'm having complete thoughts about my weekend, my friends and family, what I'm eating next (even if I'm currently eating), what shows are adding up on my DVR for the perfect binge session tonight, does my dog Ollie think I'm pretty, and which Kardashian is pregnant... among other things. And now you want me to focus just on my breath?

It sounds easier said than done, but I will still give it my best.

That being said, I think you can just as easily join me in this. I'm certainly not looking for perfection out of myself on this. I just want myself to try. If I can try at something for 31 straight days, who knows what I can try at for the next 334 days of the year.

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