When I first read the headline I thought this story was a joke. It is so silly to think that a kid can sue their parents for the color of their hair. However, it is in fact true. 13-year old Liam Murphy, is sueing his parents for $1.35 million in “pain and suffering” according to World News Daily.

I know first hand that living with red hair can be difficult at times. Kids make fun of you constantly and sometimes the jokes can be mean. Heck, there is even a day designated for kicking us and kissing us.

However, I do not think that this is worth sueing your parents over. Liam told press that his life is torture. World News Daily reported that he said, “I keep being told that I have no soul or that I am from an endangered species. People keep calling me Carrottop, Strawberry Shortcake or Ginger Freak, and all of that is my parents’ fault! They knew they were offering me a life of misery, and they selfishly decided to have children anyways.”

Liam Murphy’s lawyer, James Franklin O’connor, told reporters that his "client was intentionally exposed to a life of rejection and bullying by his parents." Okay, now this is a different story. From what I understand, the lawyer believes that the parents have been bullying the kid. This is different than just having red hair.

His parents say that God gave him his red hair and he should be happy that he is alive.

I really don't know what to think. I believe this kid definitely needs to talk to someone and get help if his parents are bullying him